Cooperation and sustainable development crown 120 years of CPL CONCORDIA

At the Pirellone in Milan, the business and cooperative world will discuss the evolution of the energy sector. On behalf of the Government, the Minister of Infrastructure, Paola De Micheli, spoke

The conference "One hundred and twenty years of cooperation and development" organized by CPL CONCORDIA to celebrate its 120th anniversary took place in the prestigious headquarters of the Pirelli Skyscraper in Milan.

The focus of the conference was on sustainable development in the energy sector and saw the contributions of the Chairman of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri, the Chairman of Metropolitana Milanese SpA Simone Dragone and the Chairman of CAP Holding SpA Alessandro Russo.

"In this year of celebrations, we can say that we have met and shared the milestone of our 120 years of business with thousands of people, administrative and entrepreneurial realities, financial and training institutions", recalled the President of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri. "The interaction with these stakeholders has given the cooperative further stimuli and impulses to our way of designing a sustainable future with our feet firmly planted in the economic and social present of our territories".

The event was attended by several representatives of the institutions - starting with Minister Paola De Micheli - and of the business world. The institutional greetings were brought by Anna Scavuzzo, Deputy Mayor of Milan, Attilio Dadda, President of Legacoop Lombardia and Mauro Lusetti, President of Legacoop Nazionale.

Paola De Micheli, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, closed the event: "There is an issue of environmental and social sustainability that intersects when it comes to small and medium-sized infrastructures to implement a 'just' transition, as the President of the European Commission reminded us". The Minister recalled the approach of the Interministerial Committee for Sustainable Economic Planning and the Government's measures "to support innovation and push companies to allocate human and financial resources for environmental and social sustainability, considering them not as a cost but as a competitive objective".

The event was the conclusion of the many initiatives that CPL CONCORDIA has proposed to stakeholders on this anniversary, to enhance the history and goals of the company, the work of people and territories.

CPL CONCORDIA, founded in 1899 by a group of labourers from the province of Modena, today operates throughout Italy and abroad: it provides energy services to important companies in the country, both public and public (Milan Metro, IREN, SEA Group, Trenitalia, etc.) and private (Italgas, Ducati, Lamborghini, Aruba, Aquarium of Genoa), with more than 1600 employees and a consolidated turnover of 286 Million Euro.