CPL CONCORDIA fully committed to the emergency in Central Italy

Despite the electrical blackout at the Sant'Omero site, the activities of technicians and emergency workers continue to give continuity to energy supplies in hospitals and places of aid to the population

CPL CONCORDIA announces that it is at the forefront of interventions in the emergency areas in Central Italy affected in recent days by the prohibitive climatic conditions linked to snow, aggravated by the earthquakes.

Despite the fact that the operational headquarters in Sant'Omero (Teramo) has been without electricity for several days - like thousands of other users in the area - and unreachable due to the snow, all technicians and workers are engaged in support activities to restore energy supplies to public users.

Among the interventions carried out , the most important are the global service energy supplies to the Pescara Hospital (a city also affected by the flooding of the Pescara river), the management of the generators of the Popoli Hospital, the supplies of diesel to the Sant'Omero Hospital which suffered three days of electricity blackout.

In Teramo, at the request of the public administration and those responsible for the Civil Protection, CPL technicians reactivated the heating systems in the facilities set up for the displaced people in record time, at the service of those who have chosen not to sleep at home for safety reasons and for the Fire Brigade coming from Rome.

The cooperative's top management is also in contact with the Civil Protection of Emilia Romagna, which coordinated the CPL initiative in favor of the Municipality of Montegallo (AP) in August 2016. The Mayor of Montegallo, a municipality also affected by the recent tremors, confirmed that the 23 containers prepared by CPL technicians last summer withstood the blanket of 2.5 meters of snow that fell in recent days and still serve as a multifunctional center for relief to the population.