CPL CONCORDIA offers the Concordia Hotel to Modena healthcare to cope with the Covid 19 emergency

The cooperative has contacted the AUSL of Modena by making its hotel facility in San Possidonio available: it will be able to accommodate nurses and doctors committed to the fight against the pandemic

The Modena-based cooperative group CPL CONCORDIA has decided to contribute to the emergency situation linked to the spread of the coronavirus by voluntarily making the Concordia Hotel, a 4-star hotel of the CPL group located in San Possidonio, available to the Modena Local Health Authority.

"While waiting to resume hotel activities when conditions allow, we have contacted the Management of the Modena Local Health Authority to offer the use of our accommodation facility for the needs related to the health emergency", stated the President of CPL CONCORDIA Paolo Barbieri. "Our cooperative company has always been attentive to the needs of the territory and is ready to give concrete help in the common interest, on a par with other entrepreneurs and realities in the Modena lowlands".

The building will be able to accommodate doctors, nurses, health workers who should come to the province of Modena from other areas to provide service in the context of the emergency, and will be available for any other health or welfare initiatives, at the service of the entire provincial network.

"We would like to thank CPL for their willingness to help," said the Management of the Modena Local Health Authority, "a sign of the "creative solidarity" that is the soul of the Modena area. A solidarity that has proved so precious on the occasion of other major emergencies and that even today instills strength and hope in health workers on the front line in guaranteeing assistance and protecting the health of all citizens".

The CONCORDIA cooperative, which has offices throughout the country and is committed to guaranteeing essential energy services in hospitals and care facilities, after having taken steps to ensure the safety of its workers through the application of safety protocols and strongly encouraging smart working, has also activated a Covid 19 insurance coverage policy in recent days in favor of all employees.