From the earthquake in Emilia to Central Italy: CPL CONCORDIA “embraces” the Municipality of Montegallo

The leaders of the Concordia cooperative, in the center of the Emilian crater, recalled the anniversary of the 2012 earthquake with a visit to the Mayor of Montegallo, a municipality in the Marche region supported by CPL in 2016 with the donation of 23 containers for the needs of the population

Montegallo (Ascoli Piceno), 20 May 2017 – A different and meaningful way of remembering the 5th anniversary of the earthquake in Emilia. This is the meaning of the visit that the President of CPL CONCORDIA Mauro Gori and the Vice President Paolo Barbieri made today when they met Sergio Fabiani, the Mayor of the Ascoli Municipality of Montegallo, hard hit by the earthquakes of 2016 and currently with 75% of buildings uninhabitable.

"The tragic events of the earthquake in Central Italy have aroused in us a strong and authentic feeling of participation in the pain of the affected populations", said the President of CPL Concordia Mauro Gori. "As a cooperative, we were already active in the emergency phase with a fundraiser coordinated by Legacoop, with the 23 containers donated to the Municipality of Montegallo through the Civil Protection, with technical and human resources made available for the first needs".

The 23 containers delivered and made functional in September 2016 helped to establish the multifunctional center that includes the Town Hall, the school, the outpatient medical center, the pharmacy, the church and the headquarters of the State Forestry Corps.

"We are well aware that, even after some time, it is necessary to keep the spotlight on the post-earthquake recovery, so as not to leave these communities alone," concluded President Gori. "The cooperative has experienced first-hand the value of solidarity in the difficult times of 2012, which is why we want to maintain close relations with Montegallo."

"Our gratitude goes to CPL Concordia because it was the first company to intervene to build the municipal multipurpose center," said the Mayor of Montegallo Sergio Fabiani. "In addition, in the coming days, thanks to the support of CPL and other entities, we will be able to start projects for some structures and businesses, such as the bakery, a small shopping center, the campsite and the heated swimming pool, capable of restoring economic and social life to our municipality by strengthening its tourist vocation."