LNG Workshop – Italy Mediterranean Natural Gas Hub

Augusta (Syracuse) - 13 May 2016

POLARGAS, a company of the CPL CONCORDIA group, a pioneer in the distribution of Liquid Natural Gas in Italy, participated as GOLD SPONSOR in the event organized by ConferenzaGNL at the Navy Officers' Club in Augusta (Syracuse).

The main themes of the Workshop were the commitments, national and international strategies to reduce the environmental impact of ship traffic on the marine and coastal environment - with particular reference to the Strait of Sicily - and the role of companies for sustainable development and environmental protection.

CPL CONCORDIA and Polargas are at the forefront of LNG distribution and make use of the experience gained in recent years to pursue their mission of developing sustainable fuels, implementing projects that aim to improve the quality of the environment. The "green" fuel par excellence is undoubtedly Liquid Natural Gas and in this fuel we must find the main alternative to refined petroleum products.

LNG, in addition to eliminating fine particles, almost completely reduces sulphur and nitrogen oxides and reduces CO2 emissions by more than 15%.

The company was represented by the Chairman of CPL CONCORDIA, Dr. Mauro Gori, and the Sole Director of Polargas, Dr. Madella Roberto, as speakers. During the speech, Dr. Madella illustrated the potential and objectives of POLARGAS, explaining what is the main business of the company and the possible ways to bring LNG to Sicily. The focal point to allow its development is undoubtedly the construction of one or more coastal storage depots in the most strategic Sicilian ports.

In order to explain the functionalities of an LNG depot and allow participants to better understand its environmental impact, Dr. Madella illustrated, through renderings, the project that HIGAS (a company of which CPL CONCORDIA is a 45% shareholder) is carrying out in the port of Oristano: the first LNG depot in Sardinia.

As Dr. Madella says in the interview conducted the day before the Workshop by ConferenzaGNL, "the entire southern coast of Sicily cannot be left out of the LNG revolution. All the conditions are in place for that area to become one of the main poles for the development of liquid methane in the Mediterranean, and where things happen in LNG, there is also Polargas".

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