Onboarding Day: our Welcome to New Hires

We interviewed Sara Saltini, Director of Organization and Skills Development, and got an explanation of whatonboarding is and why CPL decided to offer it.

"We consider human capital an essential and strategic asset for the cooperative: the talent, expertise, skills and passion of our employees are the real backbone that supports and enables the development of the company's businesses and the territory in which it operates.

Onboarding is a delicate time and must be carefully planned. This is because it is during the first few weeks that you form an idea of the environment in which you will be working, the colleagues with whom you will have to interact, and, most importantly, you understand how well your expectations match reality.

Our primary goal is to ensure an inclusive, safe and motivating work environment that attracts people from diverse backgrounds and retains the best talent.

We therefore organize a day each month at our headquarters in Concordia sulla Secchia entirely dedicated to new hires from every location in Italy.

On this day, we get to know each other and share the values and mission of the cooperative through the testimony of some "veterans and non-veterans," retrace history, learn how to use the "compass" of procedures, and in addition follow a guided tour of offices, operating plants and more.

It's a great opportunity to get a better understanding of the reality of work, but also to do team building, get to know each other and immediately feel part of a big family of 1,600 people with 11 locations throughout Italy."

Azzoni Julius, newly hired project manager tells us, "On-boarding was a time of enthusiasm shared in the company of colleagues like me recently landed in CPL. Getting to know the experience and career path of the people who collaborate every day in this young and historic company increased my desire to join such an enthusiastic team, full of professionalism and passion. I thank the organizers for this fine opportunity."