Press Release February 8, 2016

SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THE SALE OF COOPGAS Concordia sulla Secchia (MO), 8 February 2016 - The sale by CPL CONCORDIA of 100% of Coopgas, the gas and electricity sales company of the CPL group with 50,000 customers, has been successfully completed in recent days. This is an operation envisaged by the multi-year business plan: the closing, which took place on 1 February, was completed ahead of schedule for 2016.   The buyer is the Tuscan multi-utility Estra SpA, active in the sale of gas and electricity: the Estra Group records one billion and 300 million cubic meters of gas sold and 700,000 customers served by its subsidiaries or investee companies.   CPL CONCORDIA is therefore proceeding with the pursuit of the objectives set out in the business plan. The company takes positive note of Estra's decision to acquire Coopgas' current 19 employees, in addition to the commercial structure characterized by a network of customer offices in Emilia Romagna, Campania, Calabria and Sicily.