Sun 24 hours interview with Samuele Penzo

"It consulting," one of the cornerstones enabling CPL Concordia's businesses, "is a very active market; there are lender funds willing to invest, attracted to this sector.

It ranges from software applications for the energy world, to the utility market, to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence-it is a market that opens up many opportunities."

In general, CPL Concordia Cooperative, explains Vice President and IT Manager. Samuele Penzo at DigitEconomy.24 (a report by Sole 24 Ore Radiocor and Digit'Ed, a group active in training and digital learning), aims to Increase employees by about 150 people within the year, bringing them to more than 1,750, also hiring in the It sector, an area on which the company, which is active in energy markets, is increasingly focusing.

CPL has 11 offices located in Italy, with the main one in Concordia s/S (MO).

"To meet IT challenges, CPL's It consulting has been completely reorganized by focusing on cross-sharing business-related technology projects with Agile methodology; crucial is the integration of software applications with the systems infrastructure. Investments in training have always been of great importance to CPL." "Hard to find skills in It world: smart working, welfare, career paths to attract talent."

About 200 people currently work in It consulting. The new employees will be divided into the various sectors: "from global service to plant construction (hydrogen, biomethane, photovoltaic, cogeneration, etc..), gas plant management technologies, and IT and It consulting services. In the latter area, it is not easy to find the skills, and help comes from the use of smart working, which makes it possible to invest even in talent located far from CPL's offices. The It world is vast, given the many specializations sought, and the opportunity for smart working has become a prerequisite for IT staff. Our company, therefore, is trying to meet the demands of workers by following customized paths."

The CPL Group, in 2022, achieved 365 million in revenues (up from 315 the previous year) and doubled profits to 7.5 million. "We are performing well and aim this year-explained Penzo-to improve these results even more."

Now growth is planned basically by internal lines, but the cooperative is also ready to expand by external lines, through acquisitions, "if there are opportunities concerning effective operations, we will evaluate them," the vice president clarifies.

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