Talk about us: CPL CONCORDIA restarts with orders for 700 million

Source: "Il Sole 24 Ore" - Jacopo Giliberto - 07 July 2018

The judicial inquiry came to nothing, but 400 people were dismissed

Readers will remember that in March 2015 a magistrate of Naples, Henry John Woodcock, on the strength of the wiretaps of the carabinieri officer Gianpaolo Scafano, had the mayor of Ischia and the top management of the Modena cooperative company put in prison CPL CONCORDIA; the accusation was corruption in methanizing the island; The company was swept away by the investigation, orders were cancelled, customers fled, The turnover plummeted by 180 million, 400 employees laid off and their families on the verge of bankruptcy and others impoverished by layoffs and solidarity contracts. Perhaps it has passed 'a nuttata': three and a half years later, that is, now, the mayor has been acquitted; those executives of CPL CONCORDIA are still awaiting trial because it is not possible to close the accusatory investigation; The cooperative has restarted. A new summit, value of production to 221 million euros, a profit of 3.7 million, and an increase (+10.5 percent) in shareholders' equity to 124.3 million.

The cooperative says that finally "the economic and financial fundamentals confirm a outperformance compared to the business plan agreed with the banking sector'. EBITDA rose to €17.4 million and operating income at 5.8 million. The judicial doggedness (as soon as CPL CONCORDIA seemed to catch its breath, zac came a new indictment) had swept the order book and wiped out years of orders, which finally Now they come back: works worth 700 million euros for the next few years.

Among the returned orders are those of the Teatro del Maggio Fiorentino and of the Autoritorium of the Parco della Musica in Rome (contracts for technological management and maintenance), the contracts signed with Italgas, Open Fiber and Hera for works such as laying of fibre networks in Lecce and Taranto, the changing the lighting of the light towers at Linate Airport, or the construction and supply of an entire liquid methane regasification plant for San Marco Petroli in Venice Marghera.

At the end of the period of commissionership, the historic presidency of Roberto Casari still awaiting a trial that fails to reach the courtroom, the new cooperative board of directors elected to the presidency a 33-year-old young man, Paolo Barbieri, Emilian from Mirandola, vice-president in the three-year period of the disaster together with the outgoing president Mauro Gori. Pierluigi Capelli has been confirmed as general manager.

But after the numbers, the most important aspect: the people.

In 2014, 1,351 people worked for the cooperative, in 2016 the legal crisis of CPL CONCORDIA had left 200 workers on the street, down to 1,151, and another 200 from the entire group. In all, 400 people lost their jobs due to the legal storm. The others had had to take a pay cut. Now the cooperative has been able to re-expand its workforce by about 30 people.

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