Talk about us: CPL CONCORDIA “We want to be a key player in the energy sector”

Source: "Quotidiano Energia" - Antonio Junior Ruggiero - 05 April 2019



Efficiency, cogeneration, gas distribution, LNG but also water ("we need a clear picture as soon as possible"). The company's objectives in the interview with President Barbieri.

"Of course, we want to be a major player in the energy sector." This is the goal set by CPL CONCORDIA President Paolo Barbieri, interviewed by QE on the sidelines of the conference for the 120th anniversary of the cooperative (QE 2/4). An opportunity to shed light on the development paths designed for the efficiency, cogeneration, LNG, gas and water distribution markets.

Q: You celebrated your 120th anniversary by organizing an event dedicated to work 4.0. Why this theme?
A: Because in our name (Cooperativa di Produzione e Lavoro) and in our DNA is inscribed the value of work. We have come out of a complicated moment in which guaranteeing income and employment to our members and employees has been the priority. An awareness that is now the basis of the industrial objectives we want to set ourselves.

Q: What are, in particular, the objectives of your three-year presidency?
A: Improve turnover, EBITDA and equity, reducing debt. This is what happened in 2017 and 2018 and we are convinced that we can improve further. What? With the activities related to our main core business, which is 360-degree energy efficiency. We will do this in the Italian market, resuming the analysis of the opportunities that may arise abroad.
The energy efficiency services sector is mature and highly competitive, with the main customersbeing the public sector. Here we are investing in technology and highly qualified technical and human know-how, thanks also to a punctual management of big data and using blockchain. This is an added value that I think will be recognized by the market.
In the case of cogeneration and trigeneration, on the other hand, the main customers for us are private individuals and I see that in this sector for some years there has been a certain regulatory stability that allows us to make development and investment policies.
In the case of gas distribution, we continue to be a qualified technology supplier for Italian utilities . Finally, we are also looking closely at the water sector.

Q: The water sector could undergo a process of important change with the possible approval of the M5S PDL on public water.
A: I don't know all the details of the bill, but what we as entrepreneurs want to have as soon as possible is a clear framework within which to operate. Clarity over a medium period of time will lead to the necessary redevelopment in the water sector for optimal management. We see large multi-utilities that need technological support.

Q: Can gas distribution tenders also be an opportunity for new investments in the networks?
A: Yes, for us gas is an opportunity to provide maintenance, testing, odorization and cathodic protection services. The unblocking of tenders goes hand in hand with the unblocking of investments with the recovery of a market that is waiting to know the future dynamics.

Q: Finally, how do you operate on LNG?
A: LNG is a significant opportunity: we are building systems for refueling mobility and we also sell directly through POLARGAS, one of our 100% subsidiaries. We buy LNG abroad and transport it by road to guarantee supplies. In addition, we have a sector of the cooperative that builds LNG plants for utilities or individuals.

Q: During the conference in Rome you presented your activities in Sardinia. What are the characteristics of the project?
A: In Sardinia , we have a contract with Italgas for the construction of gas distribution networks, with the parallel laying of optical fibre. In about 24 months we will make more than 300 km of networks operational, a project that has led us to 200 hires on the island alone and others planned at national level.

Q: In Europe or internationally, what could be your target markets?
A: We already have an office in Romania with fifty employees. It is a context in which the economy is growing a lot and could be a base from which to start.

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