The School-Work Project “Aliante” continues online

Through dedicated webinars, CPL's Project Managers gave continuity to the training for the students of the Fifth Classes of the IIS "Da Vinci" in Florence in the field of plant maintenance and supervision

For the past 4 years, CPL CONCORDIA has been working with the "Leonardo Da Vinci" Institute of Florence on a School-Work Alternation agreement called "Glider Project, School and Companies: Wings for Work". The commitment of CPL's project managers has led to the development, in collaboration with the teachers, of School-Work Alternation experiences (bringing several students to the CPL Facility Management sites, for example, at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino), to define innovative paths adapted to the curvatures of the training courses, to illustrate in the classroom with the broadest possible vision the role of the maintenance technician with theoretical and practical modules.

The emergency, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the consequences that derive from it, has momentarily frozen the initiatives that CPL and the teachers had already planned for the current school year. But, in the same way as the challenges that the school is facing to ensure that students complete the preparation to arrive - as in the case of the fifth classes - for the State Exam, CPL has made itself available to make its contribution even in these extraordinary situations.

In agreement with the Institute, CPL has therefore ensured the continuation of the project by replacing the classroom interventions with online interventions via videoconference carried out between the end of May and the beginning of June. The topics covered, in continuity with those of previous years, concerned the basic concepts related to the various maintenance strategies, first bases of reading of technical drawings of air conditioning systems, diagnostics of air conditioning systems (with a particular focus on air handling units), hints on automation and plant supervision systems (BMS), cogeneration plants.

The continuity of the Aliante Project represents a small but significant sign of support for technical school education and training that the country will increasingly need in the post-emergency restart phase.