A Production and Labor Cooperative

We are a leading Italian cooperative company in the design, implementation and management of energy systems.

We have been in the market for 125 years and currently have more than 1,600 employees spread over 10 national locations. We develop innovation without losing sight of sustainability in all its aspects, economic, social and environmental.

We are a B2B that caters to both public administration and private industries.

We build complex technological plants to support energy transition such as photovoltaic, biomethane, cogeneration plants, natural gas distribution plants, and hydrogen and liquid natural gas production and delivery plants.

We operate in heat management, facility management, public lighting. We provide methane gas and water distribution services and utility management software.

Our Mission

Improving people's comfort and quality of life

using efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Mission

Compete in the Marketplace with fairness, integrity and honesty

developing mutually beneficial relationships for us and our clients.

Our Mission

Generating lasting value for the cooperative

and ensure the best employment conditions for our members and employees.

The Story

For over 120 years, life-enhancing energy

The history of CPL CONCORDIA, a Work Production Cooperative founded on April 23, 1899, in Concordia, on the Secchia River in the province of Modena, represents a path that few other Italian companies can boast.


CPL CONCORDIA’s Governance model is based on the activity and contribution of different bodies that, in synergy with each other, allow for the elaboration and development of policies for the direction of social activity, industrial, financial and social strategies, enabling, as well, their implementation and monitoring. All with the aim of improving the company’s services and pursuing the mutualistic purpose.



CPL CONCORDIA subjects its production processes and products to a series of thorough checks.

Tools for legality

The formal tools that CPL Concordia has equipped itself with to carry out its operation within the strict parameters of legality are the result of the complete renewal of its corporate, administrative and control bodies and the updating and strengthening of all the legality safeguards required by law.